The One Productivity App I Cannot Live Without

Irtiza Hafiz
8 min readJun 1, 2022
Photo by Matt Ragland on Unsplash

In today’s hyper-focused world, there is a specialized app for almost everything you can think of.

Want a task manager? Use Todoist!

Want a calendar app? Use Google or Apple Calendar!

Want a focus timer? Use Forest!

Want a habit tracker? Use Streaks or Habitify or Habitica!

I have tried all these apps for an extended amount of time. There is a reason why all these apps are so popular. They have amazing features!

However, I still moved away from them. Why though? Let’s talk about that.

I realized that to be at my most productive self, I need my productivity system to have these four features:

  • Task Manager to track all my daily tasks and projects
  • Calendar for my daily and weekly scheduling
  • Focus Timer to eliminate distractions
  • Habit Tracker to track healthy habits that I want to establish.

Now, of course I can go ahead and use the apps I mentioned above to achieve this. However, having tried that I realized, doing that doesn’t work for me.

Having four different apps for these four different features adds a lot of friction to my system. Every single time I need to…



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