Finding Balance: How I Manage My Job, Side Hustles, and Personal Life

The week of a full-time engineering manager, part-time blogger, and YouTuber, and an uncle to the cutest niece and nephew!

Irtiza Hafiz


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Do you struggle to balance your full-time job, side hustles, hobbies, family, and more?

Do you feel pulled in multiple directions by shifting life priorities? Maybe, you feel that at the end of the day, you are exhausted and at the end of the week you didn’t really achieve much.

If you are still reading, this blog post might just be able to help you a little.

I have tinkered with my daily and weekly schedule for the past couple of years, and have finally found one that “sort of” works for me in most weeks.

In no way am I claiming this is the perfect schedule. This is the one that works for me. And you will need to find one that fits your unique life, which might be drastically different from mine.

But I hope, seeing how I structure my days and weeks will give you some inspiration and assistance in designing your unique one.

Why Even Hear My Story?

Yes, most likely to you I am just another random person on the internet talking about…



Irtiza Hafiz Engineering manager who writes about software development and productivity.