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Falling in Love With the Canadian Rockies

Explore the beautiful Rockies through the lens of my iPhone 12.

Irtiza Hafiz
8 min readOct 11, 2023


I can’t point you to one single thing that made me fall in love with the Canadian Rockies.

Maybe it’s the incredible turquoise lakes. Or the stunning waterfalls. Or maybe even the magnificent Grizzly bears or some of the best pizzas and burgers we had.

Whatever it is, words or photos don’t do it justice.

To truly experience the Canadian Rockies, you have to go there. But then reality hits and you notice all the hurdles you have to cross to even be there — money, visas, language barriers, unfamiliarity with the land, no cell coverage for most of the trip, etc.

To cross all the hurdles you need motivation. And more importantly, a reason.

Well, I am here to give you that reason.

In this blog post, I will try my best to help you experience the Canadian Rockies through my eyes. After reading, if you feel even a twitch of excitement, I have done my part. And, take that twitch as a sign that you must go visit for yourself.

That said, here comes my 5-Day Canadian Rockies road trip in photos taken through the main and ultra-wide lens of my humble iPhone 12.


We spent most of the trip in the beautiful mountain town of Banff.

Every day started at 6 AM with a quick breakfast and us hopping into our rental car. The day ended at about 10 PM when we returned home.

If I am doing the math right, that’s around 16 hours of being outdoors every day, and yet we couldn’t cover half of what Banff has to offer.

Vermillion Lake Viewpoint
View of downtown Banff from the top of Mt. Norquay



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