7 Ways YouTube Premium Boosted My Productivity

What started as an experimental entertainment subscription ended up being an insane productivity booster.

Irtiza Hafiz
5 min readFeb 3, 2023


Photo by Alexander Shatov on Unsplash

When I subscribed to YouTube Premium, I was worried that it would become a productivity killer.

Instead, it has become a great productivity booster.

If you have been reading what I write, you must know that I am very cautious about apps and services that follow a subscription model. Yet, after a lot of pondering, I finally pulled the trigger on a YouTube Premium subscription.

My goal with the subscription was the immense time it would save me by not having to watch advertisements.

To my pleasant surprise, however, the benefits of the subscription far exceeded the mere joy of not needing to sit through another 30 seconds Clash of Clans commercial.

Let me explain how this entertainment subscription helped boost my productivity.

Obvious time saved by not watching Ads

To no one’s surprise, the most obvious benefit of YouTube Premium is the countless hours you save over the week by not watching commercials.

For videos longer than 10 minutes, YouTubers can put up as many as three 30-second advertisements. Of course, the placement of these ad slots was very strategic.

Whenever a key moment in the video arrived, there would be an “ad-break” taking away all the joy of actually savoring the moment.

If you watched all 3 ads in a 15-minute video, that’s around 1.5 minutes of watching ads. Over the course of the day, and week, you save a lot of time by skipping these ads.

The less obvious effect of ads on habit formation

Aside from occupying our precious time, advertisements have another sinister effect on our mental health and habit formation.

Google is tremendously good at showing us personalized ads. You are not only watching ads, but most probably, you are watching ads that resonate with you at some level.



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